F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe


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Images of F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe
Images of F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe
Images of F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe
Images of F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe
Images of F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe
Images of F43M External Flash For Multi Interface Shoe

High-output flash featuring original rotating head mechanism

Deliver powerful lighting with expert technique thanks to a guide number of 43 (GN43), Quick Shift Bounce, wireless flash operation, and built-in 400 lux LED.

Innovative Quick Shift Bounce for advanced lighting

The HVL-F43M offers extra versatility with advanced bounce features that make it easy to use this lighting technique whether you are shooting with the camera in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Bounce in horizontal or vertical format

Quick Shift Bounce is Sony’s original flash head rotating mechanism with the main unit tiltable left and right, so that the LCD panel is always easy to read. HVL-F43M and HVL-F60M offer the same functionality.

Quick shift bounce1

Rotates 90° left and right for Quick Shift Bounce

Quick shift bounce2

150° up / 8° down tilt adjustment, plus one-touch rearward bounce

Quick shift bounce3

Bounce flash is possible even with the camera held in vertical composition

Comprehensive control layout

Total control at your fingertips 

The high-visibility dot matrix LCD panel, keys and controls provide easy, intuitive access to lighting parameters in any shooting situation.


Expert light for pro-style shots

Includes LED light for stills and movies. 400 lux at 0.5 m (19.68 inches) maximum brightness, approx. 1 m (3.28 ft) illumination distance.

Dust and moisture resistant design

To ensure maximum reliability even in challenging conditions, especially outdoors, uniquely designed seals at joints around the body, LCD panel, mounting foot, and moving parts keep dust and moisture out.

Dust and moisture resistant

Common features for uncommon lighting techniques

Control the ideal combination of shutter speed and flash intensity for precisely the effect you are looking for.

Wireless multi flash ratio control

Up to three groups of wirelessly controlled flashes, with intensity set by you for each group. 

High-speed sync (HSS)

Synched flash with high-speed shutter in Auto. Supports all shutter speeds and wireless operation.

Advanced Distance Integration (ADI)

By acquiring accurate distance information between the lens and subject through TTL metering, ADI delivers precise flash intensity control that is not influenced by high or low reflectance of the subject or background. 

Camera / Flash compatibility

Follow the link below for lens/body compatibility details.

Guide Number

Guide number changes according to illumination angle. See the table below.

Specifications & Features
  • Guide number of 43

  • Dimensions (W × H × D): Approx. 75 × 129 × 87 mm (3 in. × 5 5/8 in. × 3 1/2 in.), Weight: Approx. 340 g (12 1/2 oz.) (without batteries)

  • Sony’s original rotating head mechanism “Quick Shift Bounce”

  • Equipped with LED light for bright movie shooting

What's in the Box

Mini-stand(1), Carrying Case(1), Connector Protect Cap(1)

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