Qingshui Cliff, Taiwan

Taiwan offers both dramatic scenery and dynamic city life all around the country. The amiable locals have a ‘c’est la vie’ attitude that makes it a joy to visit.

Qingshui Cliff is irresistible to landscape photographers. One of the Eight Wonders of Taiwan, the tri-colour tones of the Pacific Ocean produces gorgeous photographs. The view of 1 km tall sheer cliffs and deep blue skies combined makes Qingshui Cliff a majestic view to behold. With the FE 24-70mm F2.8 G Master lens on a tripod and at 50 mm focal length, the view of the vista was seen from a human eye’s perspective. Excellent perspective control of the lens produced near-distortion free images. Coupled with the high resolving power of the powerful lens glass’ XA element, the pebbles and the cliff were crisply rendered across the frame. The impeccable colour rendering of the lens replicated the tri-tone blue of the Pacific Ocean seamlessly.