Jakarta, Indonesia

The tropical gem of South East Asia offers a rich ‘hunting ground’ for the photographer. A combination of nature and man’s best work, it is easy to find the perfect shot for all genres of photography – from dramatic seascapes to fascinating street shots. Coupled with the warm smiles of the Indonesians, it is a pleasant place to journey through for a photographic adventure. 

Gerobak food cart on the streets of Jakarta

Alpha 7R III | FE 24-70mm F2.8 GM | 24 mm | 1.3 sec | F10 | ISO 125

Amrita's Thoughts:

The Kota Tua district is home to traditional Gerobak food carts. Here, one can find various fried food delights and saccharine refreshments. Each Gerobak food cart is painted in bright, loud colours and lit by fluorescent lights to attract passers-by. Together with the mouth-watering aroma of the food, the carts whet the creative appetite of the photographer easily.

The FE 24-70mm F2.8 G Master captured the night scenes of these carts in business beautifully. The passers-by walking on the wet tarmac, contrasted with the glowing reflections produced by evening rain. Even though there was not much ambient light around available save for the street lamps or the food carts, the fast F2.8 aperture rendered a perfectly exposed image. What was remarkable was the level of detail captured across the frame, which does not blur even when the line of sight travels to the third cart in this image.