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Wear time, your way

Change up your look whenever you want to with the fashionable e-paper watch. Just one push of a button changes the design of the watch face and strap, so you can match your style.


FES Watch U e-paper fashion watch

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Fashion evolved

The FES Watch U takes fashion to the next level. Choose free designs from celebrated creators and artists, or add your own. Fashion never stands still, so you can change your FES Watch U design to match in seconds.

Instantly change designs

Change the pattern of the whole watch, depending on your fashion, mood and situation, just by pressing the button. The watch has 12 free pre-installed designs, including analogue, digital and date.

Choose designs from featured artists

Download unique designs from featured artists, creators and designers using the FES Watch U app, then upload them to your watch. Switch between them at the press of a button.

FES Closet app

Download the app to get unique designs from creators or create your own designs and upload them to your watch.

Create your own designs

Display any image you want on the FES Watch U watch face and strap - from landscapes, to family portraits, pets or your own artistic creations. Simply take a photo with the APP camera, and use the image to create your original design.

One watch, endless possibilities

Top creative designers, artists and creators have collaborated with FES Watch U to create unique designs for you to download. Choose the watch face display and strap design that reflects your mood, fashion and attitude.

Japanese craftsmanship and e-paper technology

Designed, developed and made in Japan using thermocompression technology, the FES Watch U has a narrow frame with a stainless-steel case and buckle. Inside, the thin, light and flexible active matrix e-paper allows you to change up your style, moment by moment, every day.

Designed for lasting style

The FES Watch U is slim, light and goes with anything. Choose Premium Black with sapphire glass or Silver with mineral glass.

Fashion Entertainments logo
Fashion Entertainments

Fashion Entertainments (FES) is the digital fashion brand of Sony's in-house startup project. FES connects individuals with creators through technology, to bring digitalisation to fashion.

Support for your FES Watch U

From installing the app, changing the pattern or adjusting the length of the band, to updating the software and troubleshooting, our online Help Guide will show you how.

Specifications & Features

Change up your watch to express your style or mood at the press of a button, with the FES Watch U fashion e paper watch. Choose original designs from top creators or create your own unique design from your photos or images.
  • Advanced fashion watch

  • Active matrix e-paper in the face and band

  • Change the design by pressing the button

  • 12 designs pre-installed

  • Premium Black and Silver


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