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The DCIM folder is missing on my computer.

    Follow the procedure below to troubleshoot if the DCIM folder is missing when attempting to view the images on a computer.

    1. Set the USB Connection to Mass Storage as follows: MENU →  (Setup) → USB ConnectionMass Storage
      NOTE: Depending on the model, the displayed content or setting method may differ. For details, refer to the model instruction manual.
    2. Ensure the USB Drive or Removable Disk icon is really the camera.

      Example of the USB Drive icon for Windows 10
      Image of USB Drive icon for Windows 10
    3. Configure the computer to show all hidden files and folders .


    • If the DCIM folder now appears, then the folder has hidden attributes that may need to be removed.
    • If the DCIM folder still does not appear, then the folder may have been deleted.