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How to set up the wireless 3D personal viewer.

    1. Connect the source device or playback equipment and a TV to the processor unit.
      1. Using the supplied HDMI® cable, connect the source device to the HDMI IN on the back of the Processor unit.
      2. Using a second HDMI cable connect the HDMI OUT of the Processor unit to an HDMI IN on the TV.
      HMZT3 HDMI connections
    2. Connect the mini plug of the supplied headphones to the headphone jack. The headphone jack can be found on the inside, left of the head mount display.
      HMZT3 headphone
    3. Connect the power cord to the processor unit and to an active AC wall outlet.
      HMZT3 power connection
    4. Turn on the 3D system.
      HMZT3 Turn On
    5. Turn on the source device and the TV.
    6. Set the TV to the appropriate HDMI input.
    7. Press the INPUT button on the processor unit to select the appropriate input.
      Processor unit Input button

      NOTE: The HDMI INPUT indicator will light orange to indicate which input is selected.
    8. Set the battery unit on a stable surface and at the recommended distance away from the processor unit.
      HMZT3 Distance

      • The radio waves may not transmit properly if the SONY logo on the battery unit is not facing up or in the direction of the processor unit.
      • Make sure there are no obstructions between the processor unit and the battery.
    9. Place the head mount unit on your head and adjust it to a comfortable fit .
    10. Set up the head mount display .
    11. Begin playing the desired movie, TV show or game from the source device.