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Even though the system is connected to wired LAN, it cannot play music from iTunes.

    In rare cases, when certain operation sequences are performed, the system may be unable to play music from iTunes, despite being connected to wired LAN.

    Try the following operations.

    1. Turn off the system.

      If the Standby indicator or the on/standby indicator is lit up orange, follow the instructions below to cancel BLUETOOTH/Network Standby mode before proceeding to the next step.

      • CMT-SX7 and CMT-SX7B
        1. Keep the system turned on.
        2. From the MENU, change the BT/NW Standby setting to off.
        3. Turn off the system.
        4. Confirm that the Standby indicator is not lit.
      • SRS-X99, SRS-X88 and SRS-X77
        1. Keep the system turned on.
        2. Hold down the power button to enter standby mode.
        3. Confirm that the on/standby indicator is not lit.

          NOTE: If you want to return to BLUETOOTH/Network Standby mode, hold down the power button while the system is turned on, until the on/standby indicator turns orange.

    2. Keep the wired LAN cable connected, and turn the system back on.
    3. Confirm that a network connection has been made, and then try playing music from iTunes again.