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What is JEITA A measuring standard?

What is JEITA A measuring standard?

    JEITA A stands for Japan Electronic Information Technology Association (Ver 1.0).
    JEITA A measuring standard is based on the following conditions:

    1. Set Screen Saver to None

    Right-click on the Desktop -> Personalize -> Screen saver -> None

    2. Set Volume control to Mute

    Rignt-click the Volume icon on the taskbar -> Select Open volume Mixer -  Click Mute icon


    3. Switch off the Wireless LAN switch 

    4. Complete the initial settings of McAfee Security Center

    5. Turn off the McAfee Security Center automatic updates

    6. Turn off the Windows automatic updates

    Click Start -> Control Panel ->  Click Windows updates -> Click Change Settings -> Uncheck Never check for updates.

    7. Set the desktop background to VAIO Long Battery Life Wallpaper

    Right-click on the desktop ->  Personalize -> Desktop Background and then select VAIO Long Battery Life Wall Paper

    8. Click Start -> VAIO Control Center -> Power Management -> Power Option -> Uncheck Automatically enter Hibernate mode when battery is low.
    9. Check Hide button icons after a fixed period of time of VAIO Mode Switch Setting


    Power Plan

    1. Select VAIO Maximum Battery
    Control Panel
    - Power Options, Select VAIO Maximum Battery


    2. Go to Change plan settings -> Change advanced power settings -> Advanced settings tab

    Sleep After - Never

    Dim display after - Never

    Turn off display After - Never

    3. Go to Change plan settings -> Change advanced power settings -> VAIO Power Management tab

       Color quality - Medium (16 bit)


       CD/DVD/BD Drive - Auto Off


    JEITA Measuring Method a:
    Display Brightness

    Change the brightness level to 2 using Fn+F5 or Fn+F6 key.


    Please refer to the steps below
    1. Fully charge the battery of the notebook.
    2. Play the video clip stored on the HDD Drive continuously.
    Please refer to the following to obtain the test media file.
    a. Visit
    b. Click 3. MPEG measurement file and then click MPEG file for JEITA Battery Run Time Measurement Method approx. 30MB
    c. Save the MPEG file onto the HDD Drive.
    3. Calculate the running time after unplugging the AC adaptor until the notebook shuts down automatically.
    For more information on JEITA A Battery Run Time Measurement Method for VAIO notebook, please visit the following website.