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Questions regarding the handling of FES Watch U

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Q: Details on the water-resistant performance.
A: Under the specified temperature conditions, the watch can achieve water-resistant performance equivalent to IPX5/IPX7.
The water resistance is not guaranteed under certain conditions.

  • Do not directly splash water from a tap or other sources of strong water pressure onto the watch.
  • Avoid using the watch in the rain for long periods of time.
  • Avoid immersing the watch in water. The internal parts may be exposed to water due to the water pressure.
  • Avoid wearing the watch in the bath or shower.
  • Avoid wearing the watch while playing sports (tennis, football, baseball, golf, etc.).
  • Do not leave the watch in extremely hot environments, such as the inside of a car. This may affect the water-resistant performance.

Q: How can I change the band?
A: Since the case and the band are integrated, you cannot change just the band.

Q: What is the wrist size of FES Watch U?
A: The wrist size is adjustable within the range of 135 mm to 185 mm.

Q: Can the watch be turned off completely?
A: No.