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Questions regarding the operations and display of FES Watch U

    Q: Can the watch display a second hand?
    A: There is no second hand display.

    Q: Does the watch have a calendar function?
    A: It depends on the pattern of the watch. Check the STORE in the "FES Closet" app.

    Q: Does the watch have a stopwatch function?
    A: There is no stopwatch function.

    Q: It takes a while for the pattern to change.
    A: Due to characteristics of the electronic paper used for the screen and band, changes in the display may feel slow compared to LCD panels.
    In addition, if the temperature is at the lower end of the operating range, it will take longer for the display to change. This is not a malfunction.

    Q: Can the contrast on the display be changed?
    A: The contrast cannot be changed.

    Q: The displayed time disappears.
    A: Check the settings from the application on your smartphone.

    1. Tap  (Settings) in the top right corner of the CLOSET screen.
    2. Tap Watch Settings - Time Display Mode.
    3. Tap Always on.
    4. Tap Return.

    NOTE: If you do not use the watch for a certain period of time, this will activate a function that turns off the time display.
    If you operate the button or put on the watch, the time will reappear.

    Q: The display does not change even when I operate the button (press and hold down the button).
    A: Check the remaining battery level. If the remaining battery level is sufficient, try initializing the watch.
    How to initialize

    1. Press and hold down the button for 20 seconds.
    2. Release the button after the whole screen flashes.
    3. You will be prompted to set the time. Set the time. Afterwards, the watch will initialize.

    Q: When the pattern is changed, an afterimage remains on the display.
    A: An afterimage may appear due to characteristics of the electronic paper. This is normal.

    Q: The watch will not work.
    A: Check the following. If the watch still will not work, try initializing it.

    • Remaining battery level
    • If the watch is used outside of the operating temperature range, it may stop working.

    Q: Black and white are reversed while the time is displayed.
    A: Due to characteristics of the electronic paper, black and white are reversed to display a clearer image when the time advances.