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Questions regarding OS information for FES Watch U

    Q: Which version of OS/iOS is compatible?
    A: The latest version of the OS/iOS is recommended for compatibility. Check the application page for information on the latest version of the OS/iOS.

    For Android OS: FES Closet 
    For Apple iOS: FES Closet
    NOTE: For supported mobile devices please check the link below.

    Q: Is it necessary to activate the location information services on the smartphone?
    A: For Android 6.0 or later, you need to activate the location information services in order to detect devices via the Bluetooth function. 
    NOTE: For iOS, the app does not require the location information services to be activated.

    Q: The content is not displayed properly on the supported Android device.
    A: If you are using Android 5 or 6, make sure that the Android System WebView app is the latest version. If you are using Android 7 or later, make sure that the Chrome browser is the latest version.