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Questions regarding the “FES Closet” app for FES Watch U

    This page introduces information about “FES Closet” app.
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    Basic information

    Q: Can I create a pattern from a picture that I made myself?
    A: After saving the picture to your smartphone, you can create your own original pattern using the "FES Closet" app.

    Q: Can I use patterns that I created myself after changing to another smartphone?
    A: You cannot use patterns that you created yourself on another smartphone, because the patterns are not retained.
    You also can no longer use patterns that you created yourself if you uninstall the "FES Closet" app.

    Q: Can all the patterns saved on the watch be deleted from the "FES Closet" app?
    A: Yes, you can delete them.
    If all the patterns are deleted, the time will not displayed, and the Fashion Entertainments logo will appear instead.

    Q: Where is a pattern saved when it is sent to the watch?
    A: The pattern is saved next to the pattern displayed on the watch at the time of sending.

    Q: How many patterns can I save in CLOSET?
    A: There is no limit on the number of patterns that you can save.
    However, if there is not enough free space in the storage of the smartphone, an error message will appear.

    Q: How many patterns can I save to the watch?
    A: You can save up to 24 patterns to the watch.
    If you send a pattern from the "FES Closet" app to a watch that already has 24 patterns, a menu for deleting patterns will appear in the app. If you want to add the newly sent pattern, select a pattern that has already been saved to the watch to delete it.

    1. Tap  (Settings) in the top right corner of the CLOSET screen.
    2. Tap Watch Settings.
      When the following screen appears, follow the instructions on the screen to connect your smartphone and the watch.
    3. Tap Manage Patterns in Watch.
    4. Check the displayed patterns and tap Select.
    5. Tap a pattern(s) you want to delete by assigning a check mark  , and then tap Remove.
    6. Tap Remove on the confirmation screen.


    Q: The pre-installed patterns are not restored even when I initialize the watch.
    A: Try initializing again.

    Q: Patterns are not displayed on the STORE screen. I cannot download or try out patterns.
    A: The communication speed of your smartphone may be too slow.
    Check the communication status, and then switch the connection method to Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G, or try the operation again after a certain period of time.

    Q: I cannot send a pattern to the watch while the Bluetooth function of the smartphone is activated.
    A: Relaunch the "FES Closet" app, and then try sending the pattern.