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How can I find the support information for BRAVIA, VAIO, or Walkman?

    For optimal results using our Support website, we strongly advise going to the product page dedicated to your specific Sony product. There, you will find all the information available for your product, including Manuals, Downloads, FAQs and more.
    Please note that searching for generic Sony product category brands such as BRAVIA, VAIO or Walkman will not yield good results, since many products belong to these categories.

    For instance:

    • BRAVIA refers to Sony's televisions (including LCD TV, OLED TV, Android TV, etc.)
    • VAIO refers to Sony's computers
    • Walkman refers to Sony's digital music players
    • Cyber-shot refers to Sony's compact cameras
    • α refers to Sony's interchangeable-lens cameras
    • Action Cam refers to Sony's action cameras
    • Handycam refers to Sony's camcorders


    Follow these 3 simple steps to find information for your specific Sony product:

    Step 1. Confirm your specific, correct Model number

    Model numbers are usually a series of letters and numbers and can be found on the product itself, on the product box or in the manual.
    For more information on how to find your exact model number, please see:
    >>>How to find your model name

    Examples of correct model names include:

    • KD-55A1 (BRAVIA)
    • SVE1712C5E (VAIO)
    • NW-A45 (Walkman)

    NOTE: For VAIO, you may have a “PCG” code on the product itself. This is not a model name for support purposes. Please refer to another model code with a prefix such as “SV” or “VPC”.

    Step 2. Search for your model number in the search bar at the top of the Support site

    >>>Support Website home page

    IMPORTANT: Make sure you type your model name correctly (including the hyphen if applicable). The predictive search feature will help you make sure you’re typing the model correctly.

    Step 3. Go to your specific Product Page

    Access your Product Page by clicking on your product name in the auto-suggest feature or in the search results. Once you’re on your product page, if what you are looking for isn’t readily available in the various sections, you can try using keywords in the search bar.

    We hope you can find the information you're looking for!