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Software Update for BRAVIA TV models to Enhance Security

    November 16, 2018


    Dear Valued Customers,


    We have released software updates to enhance the security of certain BRAVIA TV models to address potential security vulnerability with the mmap function, which is one of the Unix system calls. Currently there is no confirmed method to attack the vulnerability.

    If your BRAVIA TV is set to the default setting to automatically receive updates when connected to the internet, it should have already been updated.

    However if your BRAVIA TV was not set to receive software updates automatically, please download and install the software update from the Sony Support Website.

    To determine if your BRAVIA TV has been updated, please visit the latest software downloads page for your model and follow the instructions to check the software version of the TV. If your BRAVIA TV is not yet updated to the latest software, please follow the instructions on the Download page to install the update.

    Please click here for the list of models.

    If customers with the affected models have any enquiries, please contact Sony technical support hotline:
    Hong Kong: (852) 2833-5129
    Macau: 080-0039

    MWR Labs kindly reported this security vulnerability. We would like to thank them for their support.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited


    Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited


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