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The fingerprint functionality is lost after upgrade to Android 11. What can I do?

How to re-register your fingerprint on Xperia phone.

    This article is for the "Fingerprint" problem after Android 11 upgrade. 


    We apologize for any inconvenience.  

    You may be facing a problem that you cannot find out the fingerprint function after the Android 11 upgrade. 

    We have already solved this issue. Please update the software in your Xperia to the latest version (55.2.A.4.47 or latest version) and then re-register your fingerprints again. 

    To re-register your fingerprint​ 

    1. Clean the fingerprint sensor gently with a clean and dry cloth.​ 
    2. Tap Settings → Security → Fingerprint Manager​ 
    3. Re-enter your PIN or password.​ 
    4. Delete all registered fingerprints.​ 
    5. Tap Add fingerprint and register your fingerprint.​ 

    * Tips: How to check the latest software.

    Find and tap [Settings] → [System] → [Advanced] → Software update.

    If the following comment is displayed, it is the latest SW:  "Your device already has the latest available system updates."