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    M mode (Manual Exposure)

    In M mode (manual exposure), the photographer is able to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and sensitivity. In P, A, and S modes the camera determines the optimal exposure (image brightness), but in M mode , the user settings determine the exposure. This capture mode is useful when you want to control both the aperture and shutter speed or when you want to capture fireworks, a starry sky, or other special subjects.

    Depending on the model, some cameras enable the sensitivity to be set automatically even in M mode. When the sensitivity is set to auto, the sensitivity changes automatically to provide the proper exposure according to the set aperture and shutter speed. In addition, exposure compensation can also be used.


    One of the capture modes


    Focal length: 16 mm (35 mm equivalent) / f-stop: 2.8 / Shutter speed: 30 seconds

    Bulb Photography

    Another feature in addition to M mode is bulb photography.
    In bulb photography, the shutter remains open for as long as you press the shutter button. This is useful when you want to keep the shutter open for 30 seconds or more, for example, when you want to capture the length of the tail of fireworks. To use bulb photography, set the shutter speed to BULB. Turn the dial in the direction of increase beyond 30" to display BULB.
    Pressing the shutter button on the camera with your finger tends to blur the shot, so be sure to use a tripod and remote commander in bulb mode.

    For detailed settings and precautions when using bulb mode, see the User Manual and Handbook for your model.


    When the shutter speed is set to BULB


    Focal length: 28 mm (35 mm equivalent) / f-stop: 14 / Shutter speed: 23 seconds