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How do I turn off TalkBack? ( Android 9 or Higher)

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    Information / Solution 

    If you only hear spoken feedback every time you tap the screen, you may have turned on TalkBack. TalkBack is a pre-installed screen reader service on Android devices provided by Google for visually impaired users. It uses spoken feedback to describe the results of actions, such as opening an app, navigating your device, describing what you touch and activate, and events, such as notifications.

    Android 9 or Android 10 or Android 11 or Android 12 or Android 13

    To deactivate TalkBack

    1. Drag the status bar downwards with two fingers.
    2. Tap the gear icon , and then double-tap it.
    3. Using two fingers to scroll through the menu, find and tap Accessibility, then double-tap Accessibility.
    4. Tap TalkBack, then double-tap TalkBack.
    5. Tap the switch beside On or TalkBack once, then double-tap the switch.
    6. Tap OK, then double-tap OK to confirm.