Personalize your experience:
    Settings, Dolby Atmos, BRAVIA CORE and Living Decor.

    Let’s start experimenting! Broadcast television, films, apps, video games – each of these display experiences works best with slightly different picture and sound settings.
    Let’s find out what TV settings work best for you!

    Adjust picture settings

    Here’s how to adjust the color, contrast, brightness, or motion settings on your TV to improve and personalize your viewing experience.

    Adjust sound settings

    Did you know you can tweak your TV sound settings to make the dialogue in films sound clearer or the background music sound louder and more exciting?

    Dolby Atmos

    Dolby Atmos is an immersive surround-sound technology that elevates your sound experience with sounds coming from overhead. Learn about Dolby Dynamic Range and how to change your settings.

    BRAVIA CORE video streaming service

    Once you’ve adjusted the picture and sound settings, it’s time to find your favorite films on BRAVIA CORE. Explore the newest releases or beloved classics, then give IMAX enhanced films a try and access behind-the-scenes content!

    Customize your TV with the Living Decor app

    Are you bored of your screensaver? Why not show your favorite artwork or your own photos on the TV? Living Decor is a Google TV™ app that turns your TV into a photo frame or a clock that makes it a central piece of your living space.

    *Please note that this article is not product specific. Features and functionalities described may therefore differ according to your country/region, model or firmware version.
    *As of January 2023, the above information is confirmed. The specifications are subject to change without notice.