ZV-1M2: Livestreaming videos

    You can connect a computer, etc. to the camera and use the camera video and audio for livestreaming or web-conferencing services.

    Setting procedure

    1. Connect the camera to a computer or other device with a commercially available USB cable.
      Use a USB Type-C cable that supports Hi-Speed USB 480 Mbps (USB 2.0).

      Image showing the USB terminal on the side facing you when the back (with the monitor/touch panel) is facing left
      Position of the terminal on the camera

    2. After Select USB Connect Mode appears on the camera screen, select Live Stream(USB Streaming) and press OK.

      The selection message is not displayed when USB Connection Mode is set to USB Streaming.

    3. USB Streaming:Standby will appear on the camera screen, and the camera will switch to the streaming standby state.
    4. Start streaming from your livestreaming/web-conferencing service.

      After streaming begins, USB Streaming: Output is displayed on the camera.
      To exit USB Streaming, turn off the power of the camera or disconnect the USB cable.

      Also refer to the Help Guide.
      USB Streaming


    Soft Skin Effect is a useful feature when streaming. After the camera detects a face, image processing makes the person's skin look smoother.

    MENU (Exposure/Color) → Color/ToneSoft Skin EffectOn

    Regardless of the current shooting mode, the camera always switches to the movie recording mode when you start USB streaming. Note that the soft skin effect may not be available with some movie recording file formats and settings.

    Refer to the following page for more information, such as setting details and restrictions.

    Soft Skin Effect (still image/movie)

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.