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When changing colors on the Display Properties without restarting the PC, "Illegal Operation: RUNDLL32" appears and the program is shut down

    On [Display Properties], if you change colors from 16 bits (initial value) to 256 colors (8 bits) or to 24 bits and complete the setting without restarting the PC, the computer does not respond for a while. And then, you may receive RUNDLL32, illegal operation error occurs. You cannot use the mouse on this situation. You can shut down Windows from the keyboard.
    [Reproduction procedure]
    1. Open Mouse Properties.
    2. Click on the Function tab, and select the "Use the visual feedback (V)" checkbox.
    3. Open Display Properties.
    4. On the Settings tab, change the setting of Colors from 16 bit to 256 colors.
    5. Click [OK]. On the Compatibility section on the General tab, select "Apply the new color setting without restarting."
    6. After a while, the window to perform the force termination appears.

    Sony has been investigating this symptom (as of June 1999). When you change colors in Display Properties, restart your PC. If you disable the visual feedback function of the touch pad, you can avoid this symptom.
    [How to avoid this symptom]
    1. Open Mouse Properties.
    2. Click on the Function tab, and clear the "Use the visual feedback (V)" check box.
    3. When you are prompted to restart the computer, restart the computer.
    # This check box is not selected by default.
    # Escalate this problem individually if more than three months have passed from the above status.