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Recovering the system

    How to really recover the system ?

    Press F2 (when you see the Sony logo) to enter the BIOS
    Press F9 to get the default values
    Press F10 to Save and Exit.
    1. Boot with the recovery CD and press F8 when you see the SONY logo,
    2. In the "Microsoft Startup Menu", choose nr. 6 "Safe Mode Command Prompt Only",
    3. At the "A" prompt ( which is the CD-ROM drive, since you booted on it) type "Fdisk /mbr" and press "Enter",
    4. Type "Fdisk" and press "Enter",
    5. Choose N°3 "Delete Partition or Logical Dos Drive" and press "Enter",
    6. Choose N°1 "Delete Primary Dos Partition" and press "Enter" and just follow the instructions,
    7. Choose N°3 "Delete Partition or Logical Dos Drive" and press "Enter",
    8. Choose N°4 "Delete Non Dos Partition" and press "Enter",
    9. When finished, press "ESC" several times until you are back at the A prompt,
    10. Shut Down the VAIO completely (by sliding and holding the power switch for at least five seconds) and Restart normally with the recovery CD.
    The Recovery CD will create new partitions and then recover the systems.