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Light flashes all the time on the CD-ROM Drive

    Why does the drive light flash all the time on the CD-ROM Drive?

    The drive light flashing is normal for any Sony CD-ROM set to Auto Play mode.
    This flashing light is a visual indication that "Auto Play" (or Auto Insert Notification) is enabled and that the drive is constantly being polled for the presence of a CD.
    If you are distracted by this flashing light, the "Auto Insert Notification" mode can be disabled. To disable, please perform the following actions:
    1. "Start|Settings|Control Panel|System|Device Manager."
    2. Double-click on "CD-ROM."
    3. Double click-on the CD-ROM Model.
    4. Pick the tab "Settings."
    5. Deselect "Auto insert notification." The checkmark should go away.
    6. Click "OK" at the bottom of the "Properties" window, Click "OK" to close the "Display Properties" window and "Yes" when Windows prompts you to restart the computer.