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How can I receive fax using the Microsoft Fax service ?

    How can I receive fax using the Microsoft Fax service?
    Why can't my mobile phone receive fax using the Microsoft fax?

    To receive faxes using Microsoft Fax service, run Windows Messaging by double-clicking the [Inbox] icon from the desktop. After launching the Windows Messaging, an icon of [Microsoft Fax Status] will appear on the taskbar.

    Make sure the fax modem was enabled to receive faxes by :
    1) Double-clicking the fax icon to launch the "Microsoft Fax status" and click at [Options] -> [Modem Properties].
    2) In the Answer mode field of Fax Modem Properties dialogue, click at [Answer after 3 rings].
    3) Click [OK] and check that the "Microsoft Fax Status" should change to [Auto Answer] mode now.

    Note : When receiving fax make sure the Dialing properties of the fax modem are set to "Tone Dial".