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What to do if Easy Archive function of Easy Media Creator 9 does not automatically start in Windows Vista?

    Easy Archive does not start automatically when an external hard disk is connected even when the Launch Easy Archive when my external hard drive is re-connected of the Backup option is selected.

    This is the specifications of the program. Users cannot start Easy Archive automatically when an external hard disk drive is connected.
    Users can manually start and use Easy Archive after connecting the external hard disk drive to the computer.

    Please follow the instructions below:
    1. Click Start and select All Programs - Roxio - Easy Media Creator - Home.
    2. Click Backup - Easy Archive.
    3. Click the Browse button to choose the backup path. For example, C:\USER\VAIO\Documents
    4. Choose the suitable option under Select the types of files you wish to archive.
    5. Clickbutton to archive the files on the computer.