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Why can't any data be input using the touch panel?

    Data cannot be input using the touch panel.

    This symptom could be due to the following settings of the touch panel:

    1.  Is the Hold switch turned on?
    When the Hold switch is turned on, the touch panel does not respond.
    Please turn off the Hold switch.

    2.  Is the touch panel set to Disable?
    Please refer to the steps below to enable the touch panel:
    a. Click Start and click Control Panel.
    b. Double-click Touch Panel, click Enable and click OK .

    If the symptom persists after reinstalling the device driver, please contact the local Sony VAIO Helpdesk. For more information on contacting the local Sony VAIO Helpdesk, please refer to either the Customer Service Guide or Warranty Card that comes with the computer. Alternatively, click here for the contact details.