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Why doesn't the registered playlist in the CD-R appear?

    The registered playlist does not appear due to the CD-R, which is used to copy the contents of an audio CD, is recognized as the same medium as the original audio CD.

    This symptom occurs due to the specification of SonicStage.

    If the order of songs between the original audio CD and the copied CD-R medium is the same, the CD-R will be recognized as the same medium.
    Even if the original audio CD is inserted, the audio CD will still be recognized as the same medium as a copied CD. Therefore, the CD text information added to the copied CD-R is displayed instead of the original Playlist.

    To avoid this symptom, change the structure of the album by creating an audio CD from the DAE Playlist.

    1. Change the order of songs.
    2. Delete some of the songs.
    3. Add different songs.