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Why are some of the buttons in SonicStage inoperable when a music CD is played using Windows AutoPlay function?

    When either of the operation below is carried out in the Audio CD dialog box for auto-operation selection that appears when a music CD is inserted, Pause, Stop, Jump to beginning of current track, Jump to beginning of next track, Fast-forward, and Fast-reverse functions are inoperable when using SonicStage.
    - Select Play audio CD using SonicStage
    - Select Play audio CD using SonicStage and select the Always do the selected action.

    This is due to the design of the SonicStage program. When SonicStage is started, the My Library window opens. Operations on the music CD cannot be performed in the My Library windows. Click the Music Source, select Record a CD from the Select a music source drop-down menu to switch windows to perform music CD operations.