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PCG-FX**: Why can't I display moving images or playback DVD video when I set refresh rate to 85Hz?

    Why do the following symptoms occur under the refresh rate of 85Hz?
    - "WinDVD", "MediaBarDVD", "SmartCapture" and "CyberCodefinder" that requires overlay function, do not boot.
    - The playback of moving images cannot be done smoothly either.

    This symptom is due to the specification of the video chip (built in Intel 815EM chipset) used in this machine. The hardware overlay function does not work in the refresh rate of 85Hz, and cannot playback moving images. To use the hardware overlay function, you have to establish a refresh rate setting other than 85Hz.

    Execute the following procedure to change the refresh rate setting, when you want to playback movies with connecting RGB external display. You need to have an external display with RGB connection .
    * Settings to change the refresh rate to 60Hz

    1) Click [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel].
    2) Double-click on the [Display] icon to display the [Display Properties] dialog box.
    3) Click the [Settings] tab and click the [Advanced] button.
    4) Click the [Adapter] button and select [60Hz] from the pull-down menu of the [Refresh] box. Click the [OK] button.
    5) Click the [OK] button on the [Display Properties] dialog box to close it.

    When you connect PCG-FX770TK to an external monitor with the RGB connection in the default state, the refresh rate is automatically set to 85Hz.

    The hardware overlay function also doesn't work and moving images cannot be played back in the following environment:
    - Virtual display
    - 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) 24bit