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How to create a system repair disc?

Creating a system repair disc.

    A system repair disc can be created to allow you to boot the computer and use system recovery tools to help you recover from errors, or restore the computer, from a system image.
    Please follow the following procedure to create a system repair disc:

    IMPORTANT: This solution requires a CD\DVD\BD optical drive capable of recording (burning) to blank media.

    1. Place a blank media disc into the appropriate optical drive.
    2. Click the Start button and in the Search programs and files field, type system repair disc, and then press the Enter key.  

    3. In the Create a system repair disc window, click the Create disc button.  

    NOTE: In the Drive field, the appropriate optical drive should have been displayed automatically. If your computer has more than one optical drive capable of burning to blank media, you can click the down arrow to select a different drive.

    4. When the Using the system repair disc window appears, remove the disc from the optical drive, follow the on-screen instructions to label the disc appropriately, and then click the Close button.
    5. In the Create a system repair disc window, click the OK button.