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Why can't I access floppy diskette?

    Why is the message "Not ready reading drive A" received when I'm accessing the diskette?

    To help isolate the problem, perform the following steps:
    A) Use another diskette to check.
    B) There might be dust accumulated on the drive. Please use FDD drive cleaner solution to clean the drive.
    C) Check the diskette if it is already formatted. Normally it will be stated on the box. Some diskettes may have the words "IBM format" to indicate that the diskette has already been formatted.

    To format the floppy diskette:
    1) Boot up to Windows.
    2) Go to "My computer" and right-click on the [3-1/2 Floppy (A:)].
    3) Select [Format...] and make sure that the [Capacity] field indicates "1.44Mb (3.5")"
    4) Select the [Full] format and click on [Start]

    After the formatting is complete, make sure that there is 0 bytes in bad sectors. Otherwise it indicates that there is a permanent damage on the diskette itself. Hence, please use another diskette.

    Should the problem persists, we would advise you to contact the service center.