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Windows XP Downgrade Limitation for VPCSA2/SB2 Series

Windows XP Downgrade Limitation for VPCSA2/SB2 Series


    • Silent Stream (0 stream) function does not work for HDMI output. When playback starts, the jumpiness occurs for about 1 second.
    • Switching the Audio output between HDMI and built-in SPK/HP should be manually operated.
      1. Select Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices Property -> Sounds and Audio Devices and open Sounds and Audio Devices Properties.
      2. Select Audio Tab.
      3. Change the previously arranged device for "Sound Playback" to the required device.
      4. Click OK or Apply.
    • Sound is not being output when playing back a DVD title in Dolby Digital Sounds using Windows Media Player. Note: MS Decoder for Dolby Digital Sounds is required.



    • HDMI is recognized as DVI, when using Hotkey (Fn+F7).
      1. There is no HDMI appearance when switching display.
      2. When connecting HDMI only, HDMI will appear by selecting DVI.
      3. When connecting both HDMI and DVI, only DVI appears. It cannot be switched to HDMI.
    • Power DVD can't playback DVD when HDMI monitor is connected through AV Amp.
      1. HDMI monitor is connected through AV Amp.
      2. Set the HDMI Single Display on the Graphics Properties.
      3. Power DVD can’t playback DVD.
    • SPEED Mode cannot be used. Make sure to start with STAMINA Mode, regardless of Graphics Switch.
    • 3D HDMI-out is unsupported.
    • 3D Vision is unsupported.



    • Shutdown Wake-On-Lan item is shown on the advanced setting tab of Device Manager. Despite the item is changed to Enable, Wake from Shutdown is unavailable.



    • The Help contents are old. It describes about Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR.
    • BT3.0+HS is unsupported.


    Blu-Ray DISC DRIVE

    • BD drive is unsupported.
    • 3D BD is unavailable.





    • The electric power is consumed when a camera isn't used because USB Selective Suspend function cannot be used.
    • Flicker Noise sometimes occurs in the area where nominal power frequency is 60Hz because it can't switch the Flicker between 50Hz and 60Hz.



    • LCD brightness auto-adjustment function by illuminant sensor does not work.
    • VAIO button, Assist button, Resolution Switching button and Quick Web Access function do not work.
    • ISV except Power DVD and RoxioEMC isn't equipped.
    • Acceleration sensor, Geomagnetism sensor, Illuminant sensor is not supported.



    • Power DVD can't playback on the clone mode (only using Intel Graphics model).
    • Sometimes Focused item on the DVD menu is not highlighted.
      1. Play DVD.
      2. Move Focus by mouse or cross key when the top menu is displayed.
      3. Chosen item is not highlighted.
      1. Right click on the Display -> Select Setup.
      2. Select Video Tab.
      3. Clear the check box of Use Hardware Decode Acceleration.
    • Power DVD does not show subtitles of the DVD.



    • There is no manual for How to use XP.



    • VGP-BGU1 (Bluetooth GPS Unit) doesn' work, because GPS cannot be registered.
    • PCGA-UVC11   (Visual Communication Camera) doesn' work, because its driver cannot be installed.