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What is Artist Link in SonicStageCP?

    About Artist Link in SonicStageCP

    Artist Link is a function that enables users to know the artists linked with the artist of the track that is currently being played back. Tracks can be played back in the Artist Link view in random order based on the information for Artist Link. Artist Link can also be used with a device that supports Artist Link features. Information for Artist Link is transferred to the device when transferring a track to the device.

    Artist Link is displayed by creating an artist group arranged by genres. When getting CD information, users can get information for Artist Link and the artist group is created automatically.

    The following shows how Artist Link is displayed in case that there are artist groups (Dance music and 80s) in the Artist Link view.

    If users search Artist Link for Artist A, Artist Link is displayed as follows:

    If users search Artist Link for Artist B, Artist Link is displayed as follows:

    Artist B is linked with two artist groups, so users can see Artist Link for Dance music by clicking Dance music.