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Can file system conversion be performed on the Windows XP pre-installed VAIO computer?

    I deleted the sulfnbk.exe file, as I had received an E-mail saying "delete the sulfnbk.exe file as it contains a virus".
    Tell me how to restore the file.

    --Reproduction Procedure--

    Delete the sulfnbk.exe file in accordance with the procedure stated in the received E-mail.
    (The contents of an E-mail may vary slightly.)

    Contents of the E-mail
    "I received an E-mail today.
    It suggests me to eliminate a virus right away as it may invade into my machine to infect my Address Book and may send itself to all persons registered there.
    It is said that this virus hides in the computer for 14 days and then destroys the C drive.
    Check the virus and eliminate it with the following procedure.

    (Procedure omitted)"

    Sony guarantees the normal operation of VAIO computers with the file system in the factory shipped state only. Problems may occur if the file system is converted.

    If after changing the file system, user may face situations such as failure of the starting of Windows that forces user to reinstall the entire system. Sony shall not be liable for any possible problems occurring after changing of the file system. User are to do it on their own risk. We recommend to back up all data before changing the file system. It is impossible to change file system NTFS to FAT32, without using the Recovery CD.