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What is the Initialization Tool?

    About the Initialization Tool and how to use it

    PictureGear Studio Initialization Tool is a tool that initializes the setting values which are automatically stored during PictureGear Studio usage. This tool is able to restore them to the state right after the installation of PictureGear Studio.

    Please follow the steps below to initialise the settings
    Note: Ensure that all PictureGear Studio tools are closed before initializing the settings.
    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> PictureGear Studio -> Tool -> Initialization Tool.
    2. PictureGear Studio Initialization Tool starts.
    3. Select the following setting to initialize:

    A. Delete Temporary file(s) option
    Delete temporary files stored for accelerating the display of images.
    B. Clear user settings option
    Initialize the information of the size and position of windows.
    C. Restore date of binder
    Delete the control information of the binder and restore it to the original state.
    The order of captions may vary as a result. Some pages may not be registered.
    D. Unregister photos option
    Delete only the control information of photos. Photos are not deleted.

    4. Click OK and click Yes.
    5. When the initialization completes, click OK.