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CD-ROM drive icon does not appear under windows.

    I cannot find the CD-ROM drive icon in [My Computer]. (CD-ROM drive icon disappeared under Windows).

    When you see the SONY logo, press Esc (or F2). Make sure there is a line showing that "ATAPI CD-ROM". This means the CD-ROM is detected. If this is the case, proceed as follows :

    First Solution : Editing the Windows Registry
    1) [Start] -> [Run], type "REGEDIT" to enter the registry
    2) Go to the following Key : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/Current control set/Services/VXD].
    3) Double click on [IOS] .
    4) On the right screen search for [NoIDE], if this value is there, then delete it.
    5) Close regedit, and restart.
    Note: Please be careful when dealing with regedit. Deleting of registry may cause some programs to crash or unexpected errors.

    Second Solution : Reinstall the CD-ROM driver
    1) Restart the VAIO in MS-DOS mode,
    2) Enter the CD-ROM drive [G: or D:] and just type "dir" to list the content of your CD-ROM,
    3) If you are able to display the list of the CD-ROM, type "Exit" to reload Windows 98,
    4) In Windows, click [Start] -> [Settings] -> [Control Panel], and double-click the [System] icon, and remove the CD-ROM from the [Device Manager.
    5) Shut down and reboot the VAIO, Windows should detect the CD-ROM and install the driver automatically.

    Third Solution : Edit the system file
    1) Click [Start] -> [Run], and type "SYSEDIT" in the [Run] Window and click [OK].
    2) Scroll to bottom of AUTOEXEC.BAT file and enter the following line:
    3) Save changes and exit [SYSEDIT].
    4) Click on the [Start] -> [Shut Down] and select [Restart the Computer] option in Shut Down window and click [OK].

    Let the VAIO restart and check for D: drive in Windows. Some boot sector viruses will cause the D: drive to disappear from the [My Computer] Window. One of these solutions will usually restore the drive to the system, however the ultimate solution is to use a virus protection program. If a virus protection program removes a virus that has affected the Master Boot Record, you may remove the line added to the Autoexec.bat file in Solution Two. If none of these solutions work, then it could be a hardware problem.