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What is Simple Home and how do I use it?

    The Simple Home screen is an alternative, simplified home screen that displays your most used apps. The Simple Home screen includes a speed dial feature and uses large fonts and icons for pre-installed applications such as Contacts, Messaging and Calendar. Like with the standard Home screen, you can change, personalise and rearrange your apps.

    Note! Some Xperia™ models have Simple Home only when running on Android™ version 5.0.

    To enable the Simple Home screen

    1. From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
    2. Find and tap Settings > Home > Simple Home.
    3. Tap OK.

    To switch to the standard Home screen

    1. From your Simple Home screen, tap Settings > Exit Simple Home > OK.
    2. If Select a home app appears, tap Xperia™ Home > Always.

    To personalise the Simple Home layout

    1. From your Simple Home screen, tap Settings > Customise Home, or Settings > Display > Customise Home
    2. Select an option.

    To set up the speed dial function on the Simple Home screen

    1. Tap an available speed dial icon, then tap OK.
    2. Find and tap a contact.

    To delete a speed dial contact

    1. Tap the speed dial icon for the contact.
    2. Tap Menu > Delete entry.
    3. Tap OK.