Article ID : SX465204 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Internal storage keeps filling up in Xperia E4

    When you play videos on the Xperia™ E4, an issue with the software may make the device generate unnecessary dump files. These files will occupy device storage, and eventually fill it. The issue has been fixed in software version 24.0.A.5.14 / 24.0.B.5.14, and later. Upgrading the software, however, does not remove any unnecessary files that have already been created. You need to upgrade the software as well as remove the files.

    To solve the issue

    1. Upgrade your software to version 24.0.A.5.14 / 24.0.B.5.14, or later.
    2. Remove the unnecessary dump files from the internal storage of the device. The files have names beginning with "ACodec".

    To remove the unnecessary files

    1. From your Home screen, tap the Applications screen icon.
    2. Find and tap Settings > Storage > Misc. Select and delete any files that have filenames beginning with "ACodec", for example "ACodec.%s.%02d%02d". You can find examples in the below screenshot.