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Why are Twitter notifications for accounts that I follow not read out by Xperia Ear?

    You might experience that Twitter notifications are not read out by Xperia™ Ear even if Voice notifications for Twitter have been activated in the Xperia™ Ear host app. You might also experience that additional steps must be carried out to activate the voice notifications.

    To receive a notification in Xperia™ Ear when a Twitter account that you follow posts a tweet or broadcasts live video, make sure to update to the latest version of Twitter available on Google Play™. Then open the Twitter app and enable notifications for each account that you want to receive notifications from.

    To receive notifications

    1. In the Twitter app, open the Twitter account profile that you want to receive notifications from.  
    2. Tap the bell icon.
    3. Check the box next to Account notifications.
    4. Tap a radio button to select either All Tweets or Only live video.