• Tuner


      • Range of receivable frequency

        FM: 87.5-108MHz;AM: 530-1710kHz

      • Tuning


      • Type

        N / A

      • Output Power


      • Speaker type

        Mono Speaker

      • Diameter of Speaker Unit

        Approx.10 cm

      • Power type


      • Battery Type

        three R20 / LR20 (size D)

      • Power consumption


      • Battery Life when using speaker

        Approx. 400 hrs (FM reception) *1*2 / Approx. 440 hrs (AM reception) *1*2 *1 When listening through the speaker on alkaline batteries manufactured by Sony (LR20SG) . The actual battery life varies significantly depending on battery type, usage and circumstances. *2 Measured by outputting a predetermined audio source through the speaker with the volume level of the unit set to about 50%. If the volume level of the unit is set to about 70%, battery life will be approx. 290 hours (FM reception)/approx. 295 hours (AM reception).

      • Power Voltage Frequency


      • Telescopic Antenna


      • Ferrite Bar Antenna


      • Input and Output Terminals

        Earphone Output;Yes (monaural sound in both ears)

    • Carrying strap