Article ID : 00197941 / Last Modified : 29/06/2018

The camera doesn't turn on or off after a firmware update.

    After updating the firmware, the camera may become unresponsive or not turn on or off. This may be caused by an incomplete installation of the firmware, or may also be due to a low battery. Follow these steps to address the issue:

    1. Make sure the battery is fully charged. If you have the optional AC power adapter, connect it to the camera and a working electrical outlet.

      NOTE: Batteries discharge faster when used in cold weather conditions.

    2. Check if the USB cable is working properly.

    3. Perform a manual reset on the camera.

      1. Remove the battery from the camera.
      2. Set the power switch to ON.
      3. Press and hold the shutter button for 30 seconds.
      4. Set the power switch to OFF.
      5. Insert the battery back to the camera.
      6. Set the power switch to ON to see if the camera will turn on.
    4. If the camera doesn't turn on, run the firmware again.

    5. If necessary, use a different computer.

    6. If the issue is still unresolved, service may be required.