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How to perform system recovery in Windows Vista?

System recovery in Windows Vista.

    System recovery will not damage data files, and can undo the unsafe change to the computer to solve the rising problems.

    The added drive and software cannot work properly after the system recovery.
    Please note that the drive and software need re-installing after system recovery.

    Performing system recovery will make hard disk less complete. Otherwise, users may lose data because of unstable system.
    Before performing system recovery, make sure to back up all important data.
    SONY do not guarantee if any problems occur such as data lose.

    Please refer to the following related link to perform system recovery in Windows Vista.

    Different startup states of Windows have different operating steps.
    Please refer to the following information for more details.

    Users can start Windows
    Users cannot start Windows

    The list of restore points displays in system recovery.
    The System creates restore points daily, or during the installation of software and driver.

    Users can start Windows

    Please refer to the following steps.

    Reference information

    The following are the methods to start System recovery.
    • Start from the Startmenu.

      1. Click Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Restore.
      2. After User Account Control appears, click Continue.

    • Start from the System Properties dialog box.

      1. Click Start, right-click Computer, and click Properties.
      2. Click System protection
      3. After User Account Control appears, click Continue
      4. After System Properties appears, click System Restore....

    • Start from Start Search.

      1. Click Start, and type rstrui.exe in Start Search.
      2. Click rstrui.exe in Programs.
      3. After User Account Control appears, click Continue.

    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    2. Click System and Maintenance.

    3. Click Backup and Restore Center.

    4. Click Use System Restore to fix problems and undo changes to Windows.

    5. If User Account Control appears, click Continue.
      For standard users, refer to the following related link.

      If User Account Control does not appear, please refer to the following steps.

    6. Choose any item, and then click Next.
      When choose Recommended restore, refer to step 8.

      When the following screenappears, click Next.

    7. Select and click a restore point, and then click Next.

    8. Confirm restore point and click Finish.

    9. After Once started, System Restore may not be interrupted and cannot be undone until after it has completed. Are you sure you want to continue? dialog box appears, click Yes.

    10. Restart computer.

    11. If system recovery is completed, click Close.

    Users cannot start Windows.

    When Windows Vista cannot start, please press F8. Perform system recovery in System Recovery Options.
    1. Power on the computer.

    2. When the VAIO icon appears, press F8.
      For VGN-UX series, press Fn and F8 simultaneously.

    3. When Detailed Guidance Options dialog box appears, select Repair your computer and then press Enter.

    4. Select any keyboard layout in Keyboard Layout Options, and then click Next.
      Select English, and then click Next.

    5. Click in User name, select the administrator user and type password in Password, and then click OK.
      If administrator does not set any password, pass the column Password, and then click OK.

    6. When System Recovery Options appears, click System Recovery.

    7. Click Next.

    8. Select the date users to restore, click Next.

    9. Check the hard disk being restored and then click Next.

    10. Click restore point, and then click Finish.

    11. Confirm the information by clicking Yes.

    12. System recovery starts.

    13. When the message to restart appears, click Restart Now.

    14. When the Complete System recoverymessage appears, and click Close.