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[Windows Vista] How to restore the system?

[Windows Vista] How to restore the system?

    System restoration will not affect the data files. Restoring the system back to its origin status can resolve system issues.

    Once the system is restored, the added drivers and software cannot be used.
    Note:  Users may have to assemble the driver and reinstall the software.
    Using the restore function will sometimes lose the completeness of the information in the hard disks. On the other hand, instability of the system and data loss may happen.
    Before restoring the system, please back up all important files.
    Sony cannot be responsible for any data loss occurring as a result of the restore function.

    According to the restore point, after using the system restore, OpenMG Jukebox, SonicStage database cannot be used.
    To avoid this, please be sure to use the copy tool of OpenMG Jukebox, SonicStage to make a copy of the data.
    Please refer to the methods below to start system restore.
    • Start by selecting the Start m enu
    1. Click Start -> All Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore
    2. After displaying the User Account Control message, click the Continue button.
    • Start by selecting the System Properties Screen
    1. Click Start, right-click Computer for the content menu, and click Properties.
    2. Click System Protection located on this screen.
    3. After displaying the User Account Control message, click the Continue button.
    4. After the screen of System Properties is displayed, select System Restore.

    1. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.


    2. Click System and Maintenance.


    3. Click Back up and Restore Center.


    4. Click Repair Windows using System Restore.


    5. After displaying the User Account Control message, click Continue.
    6. For Standard users, please refer to the following steps.
    7. If the User Account Control screen does not display, please follow the steps below.
    8. Select any option, and click the Next button.
    After choosing Recommended restore, please begin Step 8.


    When this screen appears, click the Next button.
    9. Click the Restore button, and click Next.
    10. After clicking the Restore button, click Finish.


    11. At the screen Once the system start to restore, it cannot pause, nor cancel after completing, need to continue?, click YES.
    12. The computer will automatically restart.
    13. After the system restore is completed, the following screen will appear. Click the Close button.

    The restore point will inform that users may Rollback in the process of system restore. 
    The restore point is created automatically when applications or drivers are installed.