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How to use VAIO Motion Eye?

VAIO Motion Eye

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Two applications, ArcSoft WebCam Companion 2  and ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects software, are now available on VAIO computers to configure and use the built-in camera.

NOTE: Both applications can be opened from the All Programs menu .

The ArcSoft WebCam Companion 2 software includes the following features:

    * Image capture
    * Record video
    * Motion detection
    * Editing    

NOTE: Help files are available. From within the application, on the menu bar, click Help and then click Application Help.

The ArcSoft Magic-i Visual Effects software includes the following features:

    * Face tracking
    * Zoom
    * Filters
    * Mirror
    * Distort
    * Frame overlays
    * Image themes
    * Avatars