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Why is error message displayed when trying to create a disc with PlayMemories Home?

Error message is displayed when trying to create a disc with PlayMemories Home.

    Applicable for the following products:
    - PlayMemories Home (Lite edition) Ver.1.*.**
    - PlayMemories Home Ver.1.*.**
    - PlayMemories Home Ver.2.*.**

    The solution differs according to the error message.
    Please select your solution corresponding to the possible error messages listed below.

    Cannot detect a drive to write to. message is displayed.
    Note that even if your computer reads Blu-ray Disc or DVD, there are some drives that do not support writing.
    Also, sometimes this symptom may be improved updating the DVD/Blu-ray Disc drive driver to the latest version.
    For further information, please contact the computer manufacturer.

    Some of the selected media files will not be written to the disc because they are in file formats that are not supported message is displayed.
    Some of the image files you are trying to write to the disc are not supported by PlayMemories Home Create Discs function. PlayMemories Home Create Discs function only support the image formats (file extension) below.
    (Please verify the file extension, right-clicking the image and selecting property.)
    • AVCHD/BD Create Discs ...... mts, m2ts
    • DVD-Video Create Discs ...... mts, m2ts, m2t, mpg

    Cannot write to this disc message is displayed.
    The possible causes are as follows:
    1. Scratches and dirt on the disc, deformed disc.
    2. If the disk has been formatted on a computer.
    3. If the disc, such as BD-R and DVD-R, is already used and does not support additional records.
    4. If the disc you are using is different from the discs that can be written in the PlayMemories Home.

    Cannot start due to lack of space in which to store the temporary file. message is displayed.
    There is insufficient free space to temporarily save the information needed to create the disc.
    Please increase the amount of free space on the destination drive to save the temporary file, or change the destination drive to a drive with sufficient free space to save the temporary file.
    To change destination of temporary files, in the Create Discs window please select General on Settings and Browse on Location for temporary files.
    Please change the destination of the temporary files in the window that will be displayed.

    Unsupported disc message is displayed.
    If you are using the DVD camcorder, please check the following points:
    • If the disk has not been finalized, please finalize it in the camera.
    • If the camcorder is connected to the computer via USB with a disc inside, please remove the disc from the camera and insert it again.
    • Check if you can browse the disc contents in Windows Explorer.