How to boost your battery

    Most of us carry our smartphones around all day, and we use them for doing a lot of different things. No wonder we want the battery to last as long as possible! Luckily, there are some easy things you can do to cram that extra juice out of your battery.

    There is always something you can do

    You can, for example, disable power-consuming location-sharing services, lower the screen brightness level, or limit your device’s connectivity by turning on Airplane mode or turning off Bluetooth. These things will all keep you going for a little while longer. But what if your way of life, your routines, or hobbies, limit how often you are able to charge your battery?

    No worries! Your Xperia comes with a range of great power-saving features. The options will vary depending on your device and the Android version it runs on, but they will all make your battery last longer – you only need to decide which feature suits your needs best, and then activate it. And for some features you don’t even have to do that – they just kick in and run in the background when they’re needed.

    What’s good to keep in mind is that any of the power-saving modes will typically restrict background activities like email synchronisation, notifications and location-sharing services, while phone calls and messaging will not be affected at all.

    So, when do you need that extra power?

    Business or pleasure?

    When you want to use your device for many long hours at work, or for everyday activities like reading the news, taking photos or shooting videos – and you know that you won’t be able to charge it like you normally would, activating STAMINA mode is the obvious choice for you. STAMINA mode reduces battery consumption and significantly increases the overall standby time. You can turn on STAMINA mode manually whenever you need to save power, or leave it to be activated automatically at a battery level set by you.

    Why bother?

    You don't have to! Adaptive battery is a built‐in feature that uses AI to watch for apps that you don't use often. Over time, it will learn and automatically limit background activities of those unused apps, thus preventing battery drain. The good thing is, this feature is on by default so you don't have to worry about setting anything up. Just let the AI do its thing!

    Charging is not a problem

    Remember that the battery will be damaged if you leave your device charging for a long time after reaching 100%. To keep this from happening and to extend the battery life, many Xperia devices have a built-in feature called Battery Care. It automatically detects any regular charging habits and controls the charging rate so that the battery reaches 100% just before you disconnect the charger.

    Charging done fast

    If your Xperia device supports the USB Power Delivery standard, you'll be surprised at how fast it charges. USB Power Delivery can send more volts and amps to your device than previous fast charging standards, so when paired with a compatible charger and cable, you can gain hours of usage with just a few minutes of charging. When you're in a hurry, this extra speed can be a real life saver!

    If you’re still not sure which battery feature, or features, that would best fit your needs and habits, just try them out, one after another. It really is that simple – and you’ll be amazed by how much battery power you can save!

    Please note that this article is not product specific. Features and functionalities described may therefore differ depending on your device and/or software version.