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How to manually set an IP address on an Internet Video device.

    Setting up the IP address and proxy server settings of the Internet video device depends on the design or settings of the router. If the router has not automatically assigned an IP address to the Internet video device you may be able to set the IP address manually.


    • For certain models, it may not be possible to manually set the IP address when using the wireless connection option.
    • If connecting a Blu-ray Disc Player to a wireless network, click here .

    Follow these steps:

    1. Obtain the following IP information  from your computer.
      • IP address or IPv4 address
      • Subnet Mask
      • Default Gateway
      • Primary DNS or DNS server
      • Secondary DNS

      NOTE: If you are already connected to the internet, the IP information can also be obtained from the network connection status of the device.

    2. Using the remote supplied with your Internet video device, press the Home or Menu button.
    3. Select Setup or Settings.
    4. Select Network.
    5. Select Network Setup.
    6. Depending on how the device is connected to your network, select either Wired or Wireless.
    7. Select Manual or Custom(If these options are not available, an IP address cannot be manually set on your model.) 

      NOTE: For secured wireless setup, a Network security key needs to be entered before the IP address and Proxy server setting screen is displayed.

    8. Enter the IP information for the Internet video device obtained on Step 1.
      • IP address: The IP address should be the same, except for the last number in the four-number sequence. Change the last number to a number higher than the original but less than 254. For example, if the IP address shown on your computer is, enter
      • Subnet Mask: Enter the Subnet mask exactly as attained from the computer.
      • Default Gateway: Enter the Default Gateway exactly as attained from the computer.
      • Primary DNS: Enter the Primary DNS or DNS server shown on the computer or copy the Default gateway if one is not provided.
      • Secondary DNS: Enter the secondary DNS shown on the computer or leave the information to sequence of zeroes. (

        NOTE: Sony Internet Video devices do not use a proxy server. Select NO if prompted to use a proxy server.

    9. Select Save and Connect to establish a Network connection.