Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • ODBK-103
  • ODBK-201
  • ODS-D280F
  • ODS-D280U
  • ODS-D380F
  • ODS-D380U
  • ODS-D55U
  • ODS-D77F
  • ODS-D77UA
  • ODS-L100E
  • ODS-L30M
  • ODS-L60E

Optical Disc Archive Software is a basic utility that allows users to read/write files from a computer connected to an ODS-D77U/D77F or ODS-D55U Optical Disc Archive Drive Unit.
1.) Install the Optical Disc Archive Software in advance before connecting the unit to the PC.
2.) When using the Optical Disc Archive Software with the PC running the Windows 7® or Windows Server 2008 R2® Operating System, it is recommended to install the Windows update program released by Microsoft®.
3.) For details, refer to the Release Notes.