Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • SRG-XB25


[How to upgrade]
  The installation/upgrading procedure is described on the release note which is included in the zipped download file in this page.

[Functions added in Ver. 1.20]
- Interlace output format in HDMI function is supported.
- Referer check function is supported.
- Brute force attack protection function is supported.

[Specifications changed in Ver. 1.20]
- Regarding Exposure setting, Iris, Gain and Shutter speed value are taken over when Full auto/Shutter priority/Iris priority mode is changed to Manual mode.
- Regarding White balance setting, R gain and B gain value are taken over when  Auto1/Auto2/Indoor/Outdoor/One push WB/Sodium lamp mode is changed to Manual mode.
- The security has been enhanced.