Applicable Model

This information is for the following models:

  • VPL-VW5000

From v.4.301-

Add the Hybrid log Gamma compatibility. When Hybrid log Gamma contents is received, the mode switches automatically and customers can enjoy it with high dynamic range quality.

-Improve the issue that Projector shut down frequently when booting up.
-Fix the problem that the projected picture intermittently becomes bluish and the symptom does not disappear after the projector is turned off and on.
-Fix the problem that Light Timer goes forward when light blanking.
-Improve the time until the image actually appears when 4K 60p HDR signal is received.
-Improve the time of transport delay at 1920x1080p signal reception when “Input lag reduction” mode is “on”,
-Improve acoustic noise during switching the color filter.
-Improve acoustic noise during firmware update
-Add the light timer to the information menu.

Uploading the System Software

Please read installation instructions before downloading.
CAUTION: During the update process, do not remove the USB device or turn off the projector.

1. Power off the projector.
2. Make sure no other USB device is connected to the projector before starting the update.
3. Insert the USB storage device containing the update folder into USB port of the projector.
4. Power on the projector. Update process starts automatically.

Note: The ON/STANDBY indicator will blink green and then amber during the update process. The update process takes about 5 minutes to complete.

5. Once the update is complete, the ON/STANDBY indicator will lights up red, and the projector will enter Standby Mode.
6. Remove the USB device.
7. Power on the projector.

Note: After the update, the initial power on takes about 15 minutes to light the laser. During this period, ON/STANDBY indicator will blink green and all the fan will spin at high-speed. During the updating process, DO NOT unplug/power off the projector.

8. Once the projector completely starts and the laser is lit, the update process is complete.

9. Check the current firmware version to confirm that the update has successfully installed.

Note: If the version number is 4.502, the firmware update was successful.