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Headphones Maintenance Tips

Please follow the below tips to improve the durability of your Headphones

    Headband Headphones

    Having damaged Headphones due to improper care can be annoying. Here are some tips on how to keep your Headphones in mint condition, and extend the life of your Headphones!

    Tip 1

    To avoid cracking or peeling of the earpads due to long term contact with bodily fluids e.g. sweat or oil, always clean them by wiping it with dry soft tools such as cotton swabs, balls, or pads.
    Avoid using any sharp or potentially damaging materials or tools.

    Tip 2

    If the Headphones is particularly dirty, soak a cloth in diluted mild detergent, then wring it before wiping the surface of the Headphones.

    WARNING! Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol when cleaning the earpads.

    Tip 3

    Always store your headphones in a case or protective bag when not in use.

    You can also view this video tutorial for how to care for your Headphones

    Tip: Learn how to turn captions on or off when watching Internet videos from YouTube

    Truly Wireless / In-Ear Headphones

    Here are also some tips on how to care for your Truly Wireless / In-Ear Headphones

    WARNING! Do not use solvents such as thinner, benzene, or alcohol when cleaning the earbuds.

    Tip 1

    Take care while plugging & unplugging from the Headphones Jack

    proper plugging out

    • While unplugging the Headphones from the jack, make sure to grip the plug and gently pull the plug out from the device.
    • Do not attempt to pull the plug without gripping, it will damage the device.
    • Do not pull the wire to unplug Headphones.

    Tip 2

    Keep In-ear Headphones clean from dust earwax / water ingress

    Clear the area after removing earbud , Ensure the hole is not blocked with earwax.

    cleaning earbuds

    Three additional pair of earbuds are bundled with the product. Once earbuds get dirty or clogged with earwax - Replace the earbuds with New one as shown in image.

    Tip 3

    Prevent from Liquid Ingression / Damage

    • USB port cover must be firmly closed after disconnecting from the charger. If there is a notch on the USB cover, ensure the notch is well inserted into the bracket-Hole of the USB port.
      usb cover
    • Waterproof devices must be completely in dry condition before connecting with the charger.

    Tip 4

    Do not tangle the cable nor keep the In-Ear Headphones in tight Jeans / Pant's pockets or Bag.

    Avoid letting the earphones dangle from your bag or pocket.

    Tip 5

    Getting the best fit from your earbuds

    This FAQ will help you to find the best fit and best overall audio experience with your earbuds: